woohoo! I passed my driving

woohoo! I passed my driving test, and I now have a driver’s license!!!!!! (yes, I think that calls for a couple extra exclamation points.)

I was nervous, but not unduly so. the examiner was surprisingly cute – I think I was expecting some middle-aged guy like the one I took driving lessons from a couple of years ago. I got an 84 – 4 points above passing – got knocked down for

  • not signaling when I parallel parked (I actually did it – on the second try!)
  • poor backing around the corner
  • turning my wheels the wrong direction when parking on a hill (damn, I knew I’d get that wrong!)
  • briefly going thru a bike lane while making a right-hand turn

Nothing fatal, and all stuff I can improve on my own. Now I just need to figure out freeway driving!