my first real post in

my first real post in over a week. I really don’t want to go into why I stopped posting last week, except that…

  1. never forget where you’ve linked from, and
  2. my boss is way cooler than my old boss.

That said, last weekend was insane!!!!! Somehow I always conveniently forget that being with the whole family makes me crazy, and then I go do something like go to Edith’s graduation. I love my sister, and sometimes I even like her, but everything is just a freaking production with her. throw in a batch of miscommunication among us, Chad having a cold, and a day that went from chilly & threatening rain to bright sun, and it just goes from there. I ended up leaving early, having missed Edith walking, and Chad & I sat in a park for most of the afternoon, talking and destressing.

Next day, I was supposed to go to the Fremont solstice festival with Matt and/or to see David Sedaris with Kat, but I just didn’t feel like braving the bus or the crowds. 🙁 Cheryl came down from Mt. Rainier in the afternoon…with a sprained (I hope only sprained) ankle and a kitten. She crashed Sat. night, then took off Sunday morning. Chad & I stayed up really late that night, talking and talking and talking. it was a good thing. y’know, I think we’re gonna grow old together. (I said that to him, and his reply: “we already are.” hmmmm.)

dinner with mom & Elizabeth on monday – we paid, even tho we probably couldn’t afford it. but I really needed to be the adult.

which is as much as I feel like writing about all that stuff. I should probably write out the whole thing about Cheryl – kid from Denver who we met on her way to Mt. Rainier, but I don’t really feel like it now.