tried to eat outside, but

tried to eat outside, but am terrified of the GIANT ANTS. <sigh> soon I’m going to have to poison the horrible little things.

“but elaine, ants are [a vital part of our ecosystem] [harmless little creatures] [harder workers than grasshoppers]!”

yeah, well, I hear you, but….

<long-winded story from youth>

when I was in high school (1988-1992, if you’re wondering), there was an anthill under my balcony. yes, I had a balcony attached to my room; for some weird reason, I had the coolest bedroom in the house, IMHO. and one of those summers, the drought was so bad (how bad was it?) that the ants couldn’t find water out in the great wide world, so they came through my room to get to the bathroom, where they could catch drips from the faucets (clever little bastards!). being a messy teenager, I often had plates of food, cans of soda, and the like laying about, which would immediately be swarmed by vast armies of ants (I think the hill actually went all the way to the center of the earth). and one horrible night I actually woke up with ants crawling on my body….

</long-winded story from youth>

so…ants are neat and all, but I say death to them all.