yes, many, many meetings. but

yes, many, many meetings. but in the back of my mind, poetry. I am reading The Tale of Murasaki, which has lots of waka (am I remembering that correctly?). she uses the waka as a kind of barometer of her life. I’m finding that remarkably inspirational, and have written several nature-y poems over the last 2 days.

hmmm. I sorta wish this had been around when I was going to write that paper in college about women’s writing in Japanese literature – I had such a hard time finding anything on that topic that I ended up writing about the puppet theater instead. of course, it would have been nice to have the WWW too, but that was still in its infancy. (which is a topic for another day, I think)

as an ending note, here’s what I wrote on my way back from lunch:

a bright cloud
blows over our heads
gathers rain
and hides the sun
we are cast into shadow