I haven’t been up this

I haven’t been up this late in a while. trying desperately to write in the blank spots in this section of Aila. but I found it was coming off really forced, even to me. so I’m taking a breather, to let the thoughts gather back again.

we had a “pre-emptive mother’s day strike” today – went over to Jennifer & Jerry’s house, gave mom a dwarf boxwood in a big ceramic pot, plus a little thing of bath salts and a michael graves/target trowel. she was thrilled. 🙂 so we sat around & drank green tea and talked about nothing in particular.

monday Jerry is having his eye surgery. I am keeping my fingers crossed, and whispering a few thoughts to the goddess – both for Jerry’s sake, and for Jennifer’s. and for Chad’s, too. I feel sort of useless…and it doesn’t help that if I think about it too hard, I just start bawling. like I tell him – at least he gets to tell his dad that he loves him.