wow. I feel really good.

wow. I feel really good. today was my last physical therapy appointment – the therapist says I’ve done really well. (even tho I’ve been horribly lazy with my exercises.) and today he had me do some new exercises, and then 10 minutes on the stationary bike. I almost made it – got to about 7 before I was winded & my butt hurt.

now I feel all energetic from the exercise, and the blood going to my brain. yay!

however…had a long chat with Chad on the way home, about writing and publishing. <sigh> I’m just not doing what I need to do – not writing enough, not doing anything about getting published. need to spend some time every day – start with finishing the Paren’s Tale – which I got too frustrated with after going thru rounds and rounds of critique – continue onward with Aila – start on some new stories.

maybe I should use the old d&d world as a setting for some tales. I did spend a lot of time thinking about the content of that world, and I love that map, too. I could do something like Verduria, and then use it for stories. (if I can manage to avoid getting overly involved in the building – focus only on what I need to tell my tales.)