today my new assistant, Brit,

today my new assistant, Brit, started. he’s working mornings every weekday – sharing my space again is a little weird, but I feel much easier about it than I did when Kerstin was here. then again, (a) I know what I’m doing now (yeah, sure) and (b) I never quite got over the language barrier with Kerstin.

actually, having somebody else around made me super-productive this morning. I got a bunch of stupid little things done.

the weather this week is definitely on the wacky side. some wind, some rain, some sun. right now, it’s quite lovely out, or at least it looks so from my window. but I’d imagine that it’s pretty chilly.

ugh. I can’t listen to the news anymore. who does GWB think he is, Reagan? <shiver> don’t conserve energy, build “missile defense,” cut taxes for the rich, etc., etc., etc. makes me wanna run away.

or at least think of something happier – like the 3 (possibly 4) people who have expressed an interest in Q. one of them may be a woman – we’ve been trying to decide from her/his email. of course, that in itself is quite interesting. 🙂 I’m starting to get excited about this.

I really should do some writing, so I have something to bring on Thursday. maybe I can get Chad to leave me alone for a while this evening while I write.