once again, I’ve wasted an

once again, I’ve wasted an entire evening playing the Sims. not much time with Jason/Emily/Eileen tonight – I booted the Fam family (single mom w/2 kids) and started up 2 separate households, both single women. Roberta Smith (hint: she has wild black hair, dresses all in black, and is a hypnotist) and Cheryl Shapely. I made Cheryl super-neat, super-active, and hardly at all nice. result? she is a total bitch. she actually insulted Frankie (? I can’t tell him & Homer apart, except for the clothes) and tried VOODOO on Sylvia Marie, which got her slapped. oh, and she drinks like a fish and laughs at horror movies. great, huh? Roberta is fun too – she & Homer are having a wild affair, and I’ve actually managed to get her a pretty nice pad without using the cheat at all.

this is how into it I am – I made a chart with all the doings of my main neighborhood. oh, except I just realized that I forgot Joan!