writing from home again. we

writing from home again. we were entirely without internet at home for a while there – I don’t think I fully realized how lame that was. as much as I love the ultra-fast work connection, it’s nice to sit in my own kitchen and surf, read email, update my web site, etc.

I added some more photos to my album. there’s still no organization to that piece of my site, but at least I’m working on having some stuff there!

this format drives one to write the most utterly banal things: “tonight we had BLT’s for dinner. I toasted my bread, and added monterey jack cheese. the lettuce was not very good, and now my house smells like bacon.” but there it is. it’s sort of a fascinating experience just to be able to write this silliness and then see it on the web – and I will say that I’m fascinated by other weblogs that I’ve read. I dream of someone I don’t know reading these trivial ramblings.