the morning is a riot

the morning is a riot of little birdies between my house and the college. and all the trees and hedges are budding out, too. the grass is getting shaggy. actually, I need to fix my mower so I can take the grass in my own yard down a bit. so despite today’s grey skies, spring feels close on.

I always feel such relief at this time of year. not that I don’t love the brisk chills and downpours of winter (not to mention the occassional snow), but spring is always so wonderful – the light, the warmth (well, sort of), and more than anything else, the progression of green and flowers.

last night I actually did some work on Aila – pieced in the extra scenes, started on integrating them into the main narrative. also did some minor revisions, based on the notes I’d already made. maybe tonight I’ll have a chance to write some more of the missing scenes.