Confab Socks

I hope it’s the correct use of “irony” to be amused at how I fumbled my way through the socks I made out of the yarn I bought while at a content strategy conference.

All I knew starting is that I wanted to use Rachel’s toe-up-top-down heel, and that I was going to want something a bit more complicated than plain stockinette.

So I went with a pattern that used that heel, but it had a slightly different toe: narrower, longer. And too big; I ended up only increasing to 64 stitches, instead of all the way to 72. That would’ve been HUGE.

Unfortunately, about as soon as I started the main pattern, I realized I hated it. 3-stitch cables, bleh. I like the look, but not the way it feels while I knit.

So I went looking for a different pattern; the “Zigzagular” is a nice little twist pattern, and although it’s designed for top down, it works great for toe up, too. Although it took me a few rows to realize that I was doing the twist entirely wrong.

And then I decided it needed some 3×1 ribbing. Thankfully, that ended up being a nice solid pattern all the rest of the way!

The heel itself was not too bad, although it wasn’t until after I did the first one that I realized it could’ve easily been done two-at-a-time. (Strategy!) And if I were to do it again, I’d love to figure out how to start the ribbing in with the gusset.

Final tiny regret: I totally could’ve made these even longer.

On the other hand, the zigzag + ribbing looks fab with this yarn, the socks are super-comfy, and the length is pretty good.

Finally using the yarn I bought last May! Going to try Rachel’s toe-up-top-down pattern, but a cable variant to do something a bit more interesting.

1/15 – got to the first cable and was like: nope. Way too frustrating. So I’m trying out the Zigzagular design. If that doesn’t work for me, I might frog & start over with a new sock pattern.

1/17 – added some 3/1 ribbing across the top of the sock. AND I figured out that I was doing the twists wrong; now the zigzag is looking much better. If I can get all of these odds & ends to work together, I’ll have my own entirely new pattern. 🙂

1/26 – made it through the heel flap, turn, and gusset pickups on both socks. I think they might be a tiny bit short, but there’s nylon in this yarn, so it might work? Will try on again after I’ve done the gusset reductions just to be sure.

matching hat

Accidentally did a few rounds of just k1p1 ribbing, instead of every-other round, so I extended that to an inch or so. Otherwise, this is damn simple and great gaming/meeting knitting!

(Also, I realized about half-way through that it’s the same stitch as most of the vest that I made for C with this same yarn. So that’s a thing.)

Slouchy stripey hat

TBH, I just wanted a project that wasn’t socks that would keep my hands busy in meetings, and I’ve had this yarn for more than a year with no damn idea what to do with it, and I realized last night that I don’t actually have any newish or nice hats that are ok for C to wear too. Thus: striped hat.

Barley hat

easy-peasy little baby hat. given that I also had a doctor’s appointment, and knitted a bit after dinner, it was a one-day project. (easy enough that I could pay attention to Fantasia while knitting, including decreases!)

Mistake Braid

Not sure yet whether to make M or L size, so I’ve paused at the first place where the patterns diverge.

After looking up some stuff about foot sizes, decided to go with the original measurement that Elizabeth sent. (Aka 11”, so size L.)

12/13 – after conferring with the yarnaggedon gals, decided that I need to pull back and knit size M. (sigh)

12/16 – did the pulling back, managed to very neatly restart from the place where the sizes diverge!

12/19 – started gusset increases. I like the way this is going, it’s maybe just a smidge over intended gauge.

12/29 – once I got through the rassafrassing heels (I really didn’t like the doubled w&t with pickups. if I’d done it better, it’d look amazing. But I had a terrible time with it.) it went really fast, and they look cozy!


I think the gauges on the two yarns didn’t quite match as well as I was hoping. Could’ve gone with one bigger needle on the face/belly. Also, the eye & nose yarn should be fairly heavy, more like an aran or even bulky, but the worsted I had on hand looks cute too!

Coffee Socks

8/4 – started leg pattern. Sort of wish I had an actual cabling needle.

8/21 – dropped a stitch somewhere yesterday. 🙁 Going to try to pick up today, hoping it’s not actually in the cable! OTOH, I’ve definitely gotten the hang of doing the cabling w/out a cabling needle.

8/31 – started heel flap of sock A.

9/2 – finished heel flap & turning heel.

9/4 – finished heel of sock B.

November – had to go to one at a time for the toes.

12/7 – had dropped for a while after having him try on the first one & it being a smidge too small. Pulled back to end of cabling pattern for toe and reknit with a few extra rows of K1 all around, finished it and length was perfect.

12/15 – omg finally done.

Brown Aran Socks

So I had to do some …interesting… things to adjust the heel to two-at-a-time magic loop. Should probably write up.

10/27: getting a little nervous that I’m going to run out of yarn!

11/2: ran out of the Najad, knit in the leftover blue Cascade 200. quite possibly going to run out of that as well, I think I have some Lion something or other in tan if so. (started the toes, though.)

11/3 – managed to finish the toes in the blue! still have to weave in ends & block.

Bandana Cowl

Got slightly off on the short rows, probably very early on when I was still figuring out how they worked.

Not quite enough of the yarn to finish, but I like the gist of the project so I might buy some. note: used same style in a different color.

9/9 – restarted. 75 St remaining.

9/11- may have decreased one too many, so I increased back again in the final purl row.

Very cosy. I’m pleased, it’ll be nice when we have cold weather. Interesting effect with the heathered green & the tweedy black.

Update, November 2014: OMG this is amazing in cold weather. A++++ would knit again.