mmmm…breakfast is a good thing.

mmmm…breakfast is a good thing. Brenda in IT brought in all sorts of food – I think for Easter. so I had sausage, hard-boiled egg, waffles, and nut bread, plus fruit juice. (this post is going the way of the BLT post below….) in any case, I feel more awake, which is a good thing, because I stayed over at Kat‘s house last night after the group. of course we stayed up ’til midnight, talking – I showed off my Visor, she showed off her PlayStation 2, her cats fought. she says they’re way more rambunctions when I’m there.

and then I have to get up at 5 am to catch all the buses to get me here by 8:30. bleh. but I had a good story idea on the way down.

not much time for writing

not much time for writing today. I wish I could’ve been outside. the sun is shining like mad.

I feel buzzed from too many jellybeans. gotta love easter.

another day, more logs. I

another day, more logs. I did end up having a good idea for redoing that exercise, tho now the thought of doing it at all fills me with forboding. 😛

but I do love the rigor of these exercises. we are working from Steering the Craft, by Ursula LeGuin, which focuses on the use of language and the mechanics of storytelling. sounds much drier than it is.

ugh. I just lost a

ugh. I just lost a lovely long post – the exercise that I was working on for Thursday – which was also a scene for my novel. serves me right, I guess.

writing from home again. we

writing from home again. we were entirely without internet at home for a while there – I don’t think I fully realized how lame that was. as much as I love the ultra-fast work connection, it’s nice to sit in my own kitchen and surf, read email, update my web site, etc.

I added some more photos to my album. there’s still no organization to that piece of my site, but at least I’m working on having some stuff there!

this format drives one to write the most utterly banal things: “tonight we had BLT’s for dinner. I toasted my bread, and added monterey jack cheese. the lettuce was not very good, and now my house smells like bacon.” but there it is. it’s sort of a fascinating experience just to be able to write this silliness and then see it on the web – and I will say that I’m fascinated by other weblogs that I’ve read. I dream of someone I don’t know reading these trivial ramblings.

ugh. the weather looks generally

ugh. the weather looks generally nasty – and I am wrangling javascript. I’ve never quite understood it all the way – so I always get bogged down when I try to figure things out myself. maybe I will go looking for some free script…..