Prompted by http://www.writingprompts.us/water-magic/

Lauren tied the friendship bracelet onto Amy’s wrist. A little spark of static electricity jumped between the girls. Amy bit back a yelp.

“Try it now,” said Lauren.

Amy crouched down and held her hands under the running water, cupped, like Lauren had showed her. Like Lauren had done it before and had tried to teach her.

A drop of water hovered in between Amy’s hands. Not falling. The drop gathered up other drops, became a sphere of water. When the cool glassy surface touched her palms, she jerked away. The ball of water floated in place for a moment. Just a moment, then it collapsed and splashed over Amy’s leggings.

She shrieked. Lauren leaned towards her.

“I’m okay,” Amy said. “I’m fine. It’s okay.”

Amy took a deep breath and tried again, ignoring her wet legs. This time, when the ball of water touched her hands, she held fast. It filled her hands, with the excess running off the edges. She bit her lip. 

“Now let it go,” Lauren said.

Amy opened her hands, first one finger at a time, then letting her palms drift away from the shimmering ball. This time, instead of exploding, it stayed in place: a moment, then another. She stood, keeping her gaze on the water ball. It floated up with her.

“Now!” said Lauren.

“Eyes or hands?”


Amy pointed at the shed, keeping her eyes fixed on the ball, which remained right where it was.

“So eyes, I guess…or maybe both? I don’t know!”

With her hands and eyes coordinated, Amy threw the ball of water. It hit the shed wall, bursting like a water balloon. The girls beamed at each other.

Amy twisted the loose ends of the friendship bracelet in her fingers.

“So, fire….?” she asked.