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Archives for February 2013

hitting “publish” before I think too hard about it

It’s been a long time since I’ve written about depression — I think a lot of the people I know (online and otherwise) weren’t around the last time I was really candid in this space. (I think I wrote quite a bit around 2005-06.) But it’s been weighing on me, and I’ve decided to just […]

writing about writing

It’s odd…by any objective measure this (the eee transformer tablet+keyboard) is too small to write on, but this morning when I sat down to write, I started up my computer…and decided that I’d rather be writing with the smaller device. Maybe it’s the distance between my eyes and the screen, or just the smallness of […]

nothing much

low battery and low mood, so I’m not sure how much I’m really going to write today. Feeling the accumulated effects of the dark seasons, lack of exercise, and what else? Also, this morning, a bit of a sinus headache. Ugh, none of the thoughts that bubble up in my head sound fit to commit […]