Twitter Digest for 2011-09-01

  • @TravelTacoma @olybuzz is that the building the art museum used to be in? (What is it now, anyway?) in reply to TravelTacoma #
  • @TravelTacoma reasonably sure that's the old historical society building over west of stadium. (Been a long time, don't know exact address.) #
  • got a new mat for my stand-up desk. it's so comfy! #
  • but I have a conference call, so it'll have to wait. #
  • head-scratcher of a (probably JS) problem, only happens if the user doesn't put anything in a field, and only in Firefox. #wtf #
  • @dylanw @mattmay oh…*boxes* – sorry. that is a lot of disks, for back in the day. in reply to dylanw #
  • @dylanw @mattmay only 3 disks? jeez, I had a substantial stack by the time I graduated. (10 or 20?) #EnglishMajor in reply to dylanw #
  • c-c-c-c-cold in the office this morning. where's my sweater? #
  • @ChargerJenn @olybuzz one jar. in France. in reply to ChargerJenn #

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