Today’s Links 8/31/2011

  • Wesley the Space Princess, a repost now…
    how adorable.
  • What Is Pacifism Good For? –
    "BOTH pacific and martial currents run through American culture, and pacifism has struggled as much with its own principles as it has with the nation’s abiding militaristic streak."
  • The NLRB’s New Social Media Guide: What Employers Can (and Can’t) Do
    Focusing on "Employer conduct that would be viewed as interfering with protected concerted activity" and "Where an employer acts “to interfere with, restrain, or coerce employees” in the exercise of their Section 7 rights, which include the right to self-organize, form, join, or assist unions." You have the right to talk about your employer, to talk to your co-workers, and to generally be yourself online.
  • Code: Flickr Developer Blog » In the privacy of our homes
    "Geofences are special locations that deserve their own geo privacy settings. Simply draw a circle on a map, choose a geo privacy setting for that area, and you’re done." very smart.
  • The “Gray Ones” Fade To Black | Sound On Sight
    "The Internet, Netflix, DVDs, dozens of cable channels…my students had incredible access to a virtually limitless library of movies, yet almost every day I went into class it was like I was speaking in tongues to them." reminds me of my mother, in a good way.

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