Twitter Digest for 2011-08-22

  • @geekandahalf blueberries are amazing. Having some w/vanilla ice cream tonite. BTW, blueberry freezer jam is dead easy and delish! #
  • @eoctrl don't forget @agathafrye. 🙂 in reply to eoctrl #
  • Semi-epic bike ride ftw. Bracingly cold river on a day that actually turned out pretty warm. #
  • Seen wandering I5 bike trail, caught between trail & fence: a fawn, no mama to be seen. (Possible road kill? @wsdot?) #
  • @heyrocker I saw star trek 5 in the theater with my kid sis…only 1 other person there! (And the ending is laaaame. Like the rest of it.) in reply to heyrocker #
  • Around here you gotta take summer one day at a time…because we only get one day of summer at a time. #overcastAgain ! #
  • Waiting in line at stewarts meats at the farmers market, waiting for the bell to ring. #
  • @davereid avocado on BLT is awesome! in reply to davereid #
  • @librarienne food stash varies, at the moment clif bars & lifesavers. Also have honey & granola for adding to yogurt. in reply to librarienne #

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