Twitter Digest for 2011-07-06

  • @olyhillary hmmmm…might take some practice, or just a bit longer hair. Thanks for the idea, tho! in reply to olyhillary #
  • @dylanw I briefly looked it up, then decided I didn't really want to know. in reply to dylanw #
  • Fresh peas are fucking miraculous. #
  • @davereid MOAR KITTEH! in reply to davereid #
  • annoyance of longer hair: fave style @ work (upswept/bun) doesn't fit under helmet, fave under-helmet style (pigtails) not work-appropriate. #
  • Finally put in the earplugs & called it a night around 11, slept ok considering. Am tired, but enjoying the quiet sunny n'hood. #

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