Twitter Digest for 2011-06-24

  • @olybuzz certainly possible to set up a blog as that central repository, then auto-post to other services. (depending on the service) in reply to olybuzz #
  • @olybuzz no, looking at that RT again sounds like it might've been just a guy musing about an idea. #
  • @HiredGuns thanks; I'm really trying! the encouragement helps. 🙂 in reply to HiredGuns #
  • @SalalCU I think it was like $8/pack. (my dad, a smoker, died of a heart attack age 45, when I was 8. mom made the connection VERY clear.) in reply to SalalCU #
  • @SalalCU was in the grocery store & happened to glance at cig prices. HOLY COW. can't imagine having a pack/day habit. (have never smoked) in reply to SalalCU #
  • that was so simple it was embarrassing. #vaguetweet #
  • as usual, fwiw. I should keep a log or something to remind me when I'm freaking out for no good reason. :\ #
  • that thing I was anxious about? went just fine. #vaguetweet #
  • Via @nprnews (& @godlessgirl) : "The worst of the bad food news can be summed up in one word: potatoes." ::cries:: #
  • @rogue_3 yr passing through the area where I grew up! (g'ma lived in shadow of the 210 – literally – in Arcadia) wave hi to pasadena 4 me! in reply to rogue_3 #
  • @heyrocker and she's a teacher, which COMPLETELY BLEW MY MIND. in reply to heyrocker #
  • @heyrocker just decided this morning I'd try to assume she's sincere in having found Jesus at some point since '92. (last time I saw her.) in reply to heyrocker #
  • @mcclearysarah huh. mine found jesus at some point, apparently. in reply to mcclearysarah #
  • @olybuzz 🙁 in reply to olybuzz #
  • fwiw, she sent me a friend request a long time ago, and I accepted because – eh, what the hell. not like I post much there anyway. #
  • facebook is telling me that today's the birthday of one of my elementary school bullies. I'm going to celebrate by trying to really forgive. #
  • @simonstl now that I'm grownup (!) w/house, wishing I'd been req to take shop. maybe wouldn't've assoc it w/bad kids, boys, lower class. in reply to simonstl #

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