Twitter Digest for 2011-06-22

  • Just ate a strawberry from my own garden: tiny & misshapen, but delicious. Also, eating salad with fresh lettuce & mint. #yaySummer #
  • I think I just spent the last hour cleaning up and refactoring code, which was not my plan. MUST GET OUT IN THE SUN. #
  • RT @Pinboard Big red flag for me when looking for hosting [ed: or ANYTHING] is "let me know your budget". How about, let me know your price? #
  • re: columbia house article from @mental_floss – before I even clicked, I said, "dumbasses like me when I was 22." #procrastinationFTL #
  • @JonBrazerEnt the house I grew up in had wild (?!) peahens in the way back yard when we first moved in. #onlyInLA in reply to JonBrazerEnt #
  • @einmaleins @vdebolt re solar WOW: both, I guess. (am also fascinated by the tech used to figure it out.) in reply to einmaleins #
  • @zografispaula I am feeling a bit optimistic for fog clearing, at least. #kindajealousactually in reply to zografispaula #
  • @Oakwright @AncillaDeAzul so excited to hear spooners is open! The shack is up at ralphs, but no berries yet. in reply to Oakwright #
  • Longest day of the year, first day of summer, dawns…foggy. #

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