Twitter Digest for 2011-06-15

  • wtf? nixon with nunchuks? (black dynamite, 2009) #
  • goodness…I passed 10k tweets and never even noticed. #
  • ugh, my (personal) email inbox is a disaster. if you've been expecting to hear from me, it might take me a little while. :\ #
  • city finance cmte was interesting, co-presented on BPAC proposal for increasing pathway funding. #
  • @hodgepodzaline go to yr profile settings & upload a pic. in reply to hodgepodzaline #
  • @olybuzz I think I need to reconstruct my CSS to be simpler. (I have a hunch that difference for different browsers is part of the problem!) in reply to olybuzz #
  • don't know whether to say FFFFFUUUUUUU to IE or Drupal. #poxonboththeirhouses #oritmightbemyfault #
  • It's a good thing I checked my calendar just now. COMPLETELY forgot about BPAC going to the city budget cmte. Today. Gah! #
  • @simonstl on the plus side, it's GORGEOUS. what a way to go home for Christmas! in reply to simonstl #
  • @simonstl did this stretch in college w/my crazy BF in his 1974 VW bus. good times. :\ (srsly, thought I was gonna die.) in reply to simonstl #
  • @russ668 happy birthday indeed! in reply to russ668 #
  • @hydeandgeek contrarian view: didn't really like BSG, too dark/gritty. gave me same sense of despair as the actual war. (dropped out in S2.) in reply to hydeandgeek #

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