Twitter Digest for 2011-05-31

  • Finally watching sherlock. "I'm a high-functioning sociopath" which explains a lot (about a number of things) actually. #
  • @myerman who to root for: Free speech in general, maybe? #rightToBeAJackass in reply to myerman #
  • @librarienne I think some folks knew each other IRL (several librarians), I knew @agathafrye thru local blog, but not really anybody else. in reply to librarienne #
  • @librarienne also use goodreads, like the site, exporting to blog, now also local community, tho I've missed last few meets. Cc @agathafrye in reply to librarienne #
  • On a totally different note, I'm watching The Tourist & have MASSIVE train envy. #
  • Sometimes I miss going to dad's grave on day b4 memorial day. (Mem day to honor his service, day b4 to avoid crowds: mom in a nutshell.) #

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