Twitter Digest for 2011-01-15

  • "We believe w3schools is harmful to the web. Web developers deserve better." #
  • @morrischris print mindset + force of habit? only occurred to me to do that to scholarship app at work AFTER I'd posted. (but I did it.) in reply to morrischris #
  • customs evolving in realtime – (Science of the Hashtag) #
  • @morrischris re form-fillable pdfs, here's what I wrote complaining abt the library: "How (not) to use the web" in reply to morrischris #
  • now: to catch up on twitter before heading downtown for a meeting! 🙂 #
  • and somehow, I'm spending friday off cleaning out email, working on projects. crazy. (n'hood assoc newsletter is coming together fast, tho.) #

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