Twitter Digest for 2011-01-12

  • Great game (killed a zombie w/ninja star!) But even better to step out into the bright snow. #
  • Snow! Finally! Made for a lovely walk to the d&d game. (Was just saying "the snow is a lie" when I opened the door.) #
  • @science_goddess @jbertrand I think @kitchenmage (south of here?) is getting (light misty) snow. in reply to science_goddess #
  • @kermix23 intriguing. Wonder what @tomvanderbilt (sp?) would think. in reply to kermix23 #
  • @olybuzz there actually is an eastside n'hood assoc twitter acct. Will look up username/pwd later. #
  • @andrea @dylanw last nite idreamed bruce sterling offered to have me stay w/him for sxsw. (After my mom brought him back from dr appt. Wtf?) #
  • @olybuzz No, haven't heard of it! Odd concept: get people to pay you for sending them an email newsletter? in reply to olybuzz #

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