Twitter Digest for 2010-12-21

  • @myerman re Xmas: procrastination happens about this time of year too. :\ (every year I swear I'm going to get it together earlier.) in reply to myerman #
  • strange, mostly it's a complaint about northern states not giving back runaway slaves. #
  • in which it is ALL about slavery. RT @simonstl: South Carolina's Christmas Eve 1860 secession statement – #
  • @simonstl I think that particular guy must just get bored easy. some interesting points, tho. in reply to simonstl #
  • strange math about cities: "superlinear scaling"! #
  • @daisycakes cool! I worked as a house cleaner one summer in college. still one of my fave jobs, actually; oddly relaxing. in reply to daisycakes #

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