Twitter Digest for 2010-12-15

  • can't believe I just watched a made for TV movie w/Keanu Reeves, Kiefer Sutherland, & Billy Zane from 1986. Radical, dude. #
  • @olybuzz gotta wonder what Dad would say. (my fear: he'd think it was a good idea. he was pretty conservative.) in reply to olybuzz #
  • @dylanw I seem to remember her sxsw (08 or 09?) presentation being fantastic. in reply to dylanw #
  • @godlessgirl funny you should ask! – hard to pick just one. for non-fic, probly Bomb Power or Delusions of Gender. in reply to godlessgirl #
  • I still have the mad mail merge skillz! (a decade ago I was a wizard of mail merge.) #
  • @dylanw awwwww, that's lovely. in reply to dylanw #
  • @HiredGuns they emailed everybody whose address was in the gawker database leak, asking ppl to change pwds. that's a lot of traffic! in reply to HiredGuns #
  • sounds like someone just open a tap outside. aaaaand now it's hail. good times. (guess I'm not going for that walk now.) #
  • no D&D tonite, DM has a cold. so now I haz a sad. #
  • huh. now I actually NEED PHP 5.2.x for something. whelp, I guess that project is going to take a little longer. :\ #
  • @lauras I just got one #LinkedIn password reset email. maybe related to the gawker hack? I reset it, just in case. in reply to lauras #
  • @deandad is it still inside the laptop? maybe try taking it out & using the freezer trick: in reply to deandad #

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