Twitter Digest for 2010-11-03

  • @shelleypowers congrats on Prop B! A nice bright point this evening. #
  • @olyhillary feeling sad & worried, honestly, esp thinking of friends & former colleagues in higher education. disheartened. in reply to olyhillary #
  • catching up on election results. can I go back to my D&D game for the next couple of years? 🙁 #
  • Srsly. (he was gov when I was 1-8 yrs old) RT @kmcdade: So Jerry Brown is going to be the governor of California? Am I five years old again? #
  • "the politics of failure have failed. we must make them work again!" (thx @heyrocker) #
  • @heyrocker @CatherineOmega "abortions for some! miniature american flags for others!" has always been my fav description of US politics. :\ in reply to heyrocker #
  • 60 degrees & sunny on 2nd of Nov? I'll take it. (even mostly makes up for yesterday.) also: ballot now in the drop-off box across from work. #
  • @shelleypowers can we make that January 2012? in reply to shelleypowers #
  • @Oakwright @olyhillary gloves are KEY. (ask @olybuzz abt his encounter w/gravel alley.) bell is nice 4 trail, polite warning to peds etc. in reply to Oakwright #
  • @olyhillary sounds like a plan. (totally infuriating that bikes don't come WITH fenders/rack/lights.) in reply to olyhillary #
  • @olyhillary I get their fliers w/early notice of sales, can give u heads-up. I think they have a big sale in early March, but not sure. in reply to olyhillary #
  • @kegill sciam article: "ad by the state TEACHERS’ union attacked AL gov candidate because he supposedly supported teaching evolution." wtf?! #
  • @cherylwiens @morrischris Crazy Hair is a Washington insider who hates freedom. VOTE PAJAMA PARTY! 😉 #preschoolvote in reply to cherylwiens #
  • gorgeous pre-dawn ride (tiny sliver of moon, just a touch of fog)…but realized halfway there that I left my tea on the kitchen counter. 🙁 #
  • @chachasikes btw, LOVE yr new profile pic. #
  • great that Sea/DC/etc get this talent, but you know who *really* needs @codeforamerica? small cities with little/no tech expertise. #
  • @chachasikes congratulations! you'll be fabulous! in reply to chachasikes #

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