Twitter Digest for 2010-10-10

  • @denisejacobs and I think it's hilarious that in 2005 I wrote it was time to take another look at #drupal ..didn't actually until abt '08. in reply to denisejacobs #
  • @denisejacobs I was in PDX for the *bead* festival and took a wrong turn in the convention center. 🙂 in reply to denisejacobs #
  • @denisejacobs my 1st web conference of any kind. saw @veen speak, which kinda blew my mind. also, incredibly nice vols let me in for free. in reply to denisejacobs #
  • @kegill @denisejacobs but the one I remember best was my 1st in 2003, when I went by *accident* – for reals. #
  • @kegill @denisejacobs ended up going to find my webvisions 2005 notes: (the summary) – had forgotten abt that lunch! #
  • just helped @olybuzz figure out how to get 24 phone sound as ringtone on his phone. happiness all 'round. 🙂 #

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