Twitter Digest for 2010-09-11

  • @science_goddess just looked that up on imdb – fascinating! what theater? (saw star trek V in theater, only me, sis & a random guy.) in reply to science_goddess #
  • @andrea thanks! s'ok…cold & rainy. 🙁 in reply to andrea #
  • watching venture brothers for the 8000th time. still hilarious. #
  • . @pat_ramsey @thereisnocat @dylanw thanks, guys! in reply to pat_ramsey #
  • high five! RT @jbertrand: You are doing something right when FEMA calls you and asks for advice. #
  • @Oakwright you and me both. (I ended up writing two long ranty blog posts.) in reply to Oakwright #
  • RT @Oakwright: I like geek girls. I like geek boys. I like geeks that don't identify as either gender. I just like geeks. #
  • wow, thanks, I always wanted November weather for my birthday. (not!) on the plus side, big poofy kitty on the lap. #
  • @RobertAHunter thanks – that reminded me of something I read recently that I wanted to blog about. Placeholder: #
  • @l8dybug @TurtleNorthwest thanks! nothing fancy planned for today, but that's how I like it. and yes, I'm VERY glad to be feeling better. in reply to l8dybug #

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