Twitter Digest for 2010-09-01

  • @fakebaldur yr review of the kindle3 really piqued my interest…and then I remembered about the library. :\ in reply to fakebaldur #
  • 1) I don't have a lot of shelf space at the moment. 2) I'm not going to buy something I'm not sure about. 3) I'm horribly cheap. #
  • until all the vendors get library borrowing working, I have NO interest in any ebook. I've read abt 90 books in the last year. bought none. #
  • @RobRichards open office can occasionally be awkward, but if your use of MSOffice is not that complex, it's an easy switch. in reply to RobRichards #
  • @mooshymama @TurtleNorthwest @poptopvw my friend Larissa is one of their roasters! #
  • @emmettoconnell yes! it's weird. having picked twitter handles for 2 orgs w long names, it can be damn tricky. I wouldn't have gone w/that. in reply to emmettoconnell #
  • and yes, I biked. that is what I own rain gear for, after all. #
  • rain felt pretty good, actually; cleaning everything out. although: rain + kinda dark? I guess fall really is just about here. #

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