Twitter Digest for 2010-08-20

  • in tonight's side game, I ran the troop of hobgoblins that got completely slaughtered by a subset of the party. lots of fun, actually. #d amp;d #
  • @shelleypowers when I remember to go to farmer's mkt, I often buy from "egg lady" (I won't go vegan either! life w/out cheese isn't life.) in reply to shelleypowers #
  • @shelleypowers very happy to go check our fridge & see local eggs. (I love scrambled eggs!) in reply to shelleypowers #
  • RT @librarienne: Help me, techies: are there conferences specifically for sys admins / IT depts of universities? Where? When? #highered #
  • it's interesting how different people edit RTs for length. (editing is fascinating to me in general, tho. YMMV.) #
  • RT @einmaleins: Stop by if you're stuck in traffic. I'll get you 40% off any 1 item! RT @fwyhero COLLISION: I_5 N near #Olympia City Center #
  • @wsdot if I go to @drupalsummit in October, I'm thinking of taking the train. 🙂 in reply to wsdot #
  • feels a bit like putting $ in the vending machine and seeing bag of chips fall partway & get stuck. really want to pound on the glass. #
  • so confused. test site doesn't support clean urls. (long story) after restore, most pages go to (broken!) clean url version. wtf, #drupal #
  • I guess it's a good thing I have a test version of the site to try things on. because now it's broken and I don't even know where 2 start. #

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