Twitter Digest for 2010-06-18

  • four day weekend! #
  • so cool! RT @jbertrand: Turning empty plots into crops for food bank on the capitol campus in #olympia #
  • @lloydbrown I missed the part about moving! Wow…we'll miss having you in the 'hood. in reply to lloydbrown #
  • hmmmm, skinr instead of (wonky/insane) themekey? #drupal #
  • @jbertrand if it helps any, I point out @wsdot all the time as an example of AWESOME use of social media. in reply to jbertrand #
  • RT @jbertrand: Congrats to @lloydbrown on his new position as Communications Director for AASHTO! #
  • @myerman I dunno. I feel where he's coming from; it's one reason we don't have (cable or antenna) TV. (I have addictive relationship w/TV.) in reply to myerman #
  • (his dad died yesterday.) RT @NickKristof: My column on meaningful gifts for Father's Day, not just Hallmark verse: #
  • @hoveringdog it's a good place to learn the word "metonymy" :/ (courtesy @emmettoconnell) in reply to hoveringdog #
  • @cell911 yipes! yes, that's why I live in the Pac NW…it may be June-uary, but at least we don't melt. in reply to cell911 #
  • @fakebaldur because there's a simpsons quote for any occasion: "Celebrate the independence of your nation by blowing up a small part of it." #
  • @fakebaldur otoh, knew a guy in school who ruined his hand trying to do much the same thing. he was a trumpet player, too. 🙁 #
  • @fakebaldur my 1st boyfriend made nitroglycerin in a bathtub (in a field) with his best friend. (before I knew him) loads of fun. #
  • on the plus side, I was early enough to update on the test site, check that nothing exploded, and update the live site as well. yay! #
  • well of course more module updates get released the night before I planned to come in early for drupal updating. :\ #

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