Twitter Digest for 2010-06-17

  • @shelleypowers ugh. I guess that should remind me why I stick around here. (weekend is supposed to be 70 & sunny) in reply to shelleypowers #
  • speaking of bicycling…not excited about this gloomy upper-50s stuff. at least it's not raining. ::sigh:: #
  • @dericjones my sis is on a mission to watch every video at the library. always interesting to see her stuff next to mine on hold shelf. in reply to dericjones #
  • @shelleypowers funny u shd ask: I was tempted to drive this morn (overslept, crummy weather) & gulf was 1 reason I biked instead. in reply to shelleypowers #
  • everything on the internet today is being just flaky/annoying enough to make me extra GRAR. #
  • @denisejacobs I'd go with the usual post-nausea sorts of things: ginger ale, saltines, toast. (also: ugh, food poisoning!) in reply to denisejacobs #
  • I mean really…I would like to promote this stuff (at work, no less)…why must it be so difficult? #
  • . @TRLDistrict site getting on my nerves: Imagination Celebration info all in PDF?! Nothing about Passport to Timberland?! ::sigh:: #
  • RT @dylanw: Dear [western WA]: Regretfully, weather for June 16 was cancelled. It has been replaced with a rerun of Thanksgiving. Apologies. #

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