Twitter Digest for 2010-05-20

  • got a quick walk in during break in the rain…started pouring about a block away from the office. on the way *back* thankfully. #
  • @olyhillary bummer. 🙁 in reply to olyhillary #
  • @Oakwright I don't ever *open* them! more like a string of beads, really. in reply to Oakwright #
  • doodad (safety pins) has been located. now I can stop fidgeting with everything else on my desk. :\ #
  • @Oakwright it's a bunch of safety pins strung together. also, u inspired me to go look over by donuts…there it was! yay! in reply to Oakwright #
  • the doodad I keep on my desk specifically to channel my fidgeting is gone. 🙁 WTF? #
  • @jbertrand yep. saw raindrops on the windows here in Lacey. in reply to jbertrand #
  • I really, really, really wish they would change the name of all this "Bike to Work" stuff to "Bike to Anywhere" or something. #
  • RT @wsdot: Cliff says the latest photos show the impending storm is stronger than originally thought #MayStorm #
  • @Oakwright oh, so very good. I dunno, maybe I should call a meeting over here? 😉 in reply to Oakwright #
  • we're having bike to work day 2 days early here. I brought donuts from Twister (nomnomnom) – thank goodness for the #xtracycle #

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