Twitter Digest for 2010-05-07

  • ok fine then. looks like I'm just going to have to ride *through* this thing. grumble grumble. #
  • of course. the only rain all day…right over the office, right when I'm supposed to leave. I think I'm going to wait for it to pass. #
  • 6.66% of site visits last month used IE6. I have nothing to add to that. #
  • For the first time in possibly a decade, I've got my mother's day gift sent out before the day. (probly won't get to her in time, tho.) #
  • proved once again that I can't NOT edit. or at least proofread. #
  • @einmaleins I like brizzly for simplicity, hootsuite for features (lists and all that). #
  • chilly bike ride this morning, but NO rain and NO wind. perhaps spring will come through today. (@morrischris it'll get better, honest!) #
  • @mmpartee I keep trying! after running a site traffic report when I started here, I started tongue-in-cheek calling it "at-work banking" in reply to mmpartee #

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