Twitter Digest for 2010-05-05

  • erm, McCommons. (Waiting on a Train) #
  • brain is 100% fried. dammit I was going to blog abt McCommon speaking at Orca tonite. (talked to powerpoint too much, but good storyteller.) #
  • @lloydbrown accuweather does not seem to think so. (looks like Friday's supposed to be the nice day.) in reply to lloydbrown #
  • @bhenick @shelleypowers actually, just took a peek at the current version: looks much better than the last time I attempted. #
  • @shelleypowers but on Win, not the MB. last time I tried that, almost shot both GIMP AND the macbook. in reply to shelleypowers #
  • @shelleypowers I continue to be somewhat resistant to GIMP, but y'know, maybe I'll give it another shot…. in reply to shelleypowers #
  • @alixito yes. it is nap time. in reply to alixito #
  • RT @FakeAPStylebook: It is no longer necessary to write new stories about Facebook privacy issues; just change the dates. #

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