Twitter Updates for 2010-04-30

  • @stormtwitter goblet? also chalice (altho that’s more religious) in reply to stormtwitter #
  • @dylanw not to mention that they don’t give loans or scholarships for gap years. (a gap year 4 me would’ve been one more damn year in LA.) in reply to dylanw #
  • @dylanw that post is f’ng FANTASTIC. (not to mention the CCs, which are invisible in the whole discussion.) in reply to dylanw #
  • ok, stepping outside and just enjoying snappy breeze & bright sun was plenty helpful. no need to be quite so maudlin. 🙂 #
  • @olybuzz thx ::hug:: in reply to olybuzz #
  • @Oakwright going bovine by libba bray. (YA, but whatever.) in reply to Oakwright #
  • sad book ending has thrown me completely off. I’ll be the one at starbucks crying & eating cookies. #
  • nothing quite like being able to be completely absorbed in a project for the whole morning. ipod + photoshop (!!!) FTW. #
  • @dylanw I get buyer’s remorse about almost everything. sometimes I just have to tell my brain to STFU. in reply to dylanw #
  • @Oakwright next april fool’s prank needs to involve disabling speakerphone. in reply to Oakwright #
  • James McCommons to speak @ Orca Books abt “Waiting on a Train” next Tue.
    Fantastic book, BTW. (
    ) #
  • listening to Schoolhouse Rock Rocks! for double nostalgia points: both childhood & early 20s. #
  • @dylanw and yes, you should TOTALLY blog about that post. in reply to dylanw #
  • @dylanw his #2 point completely ignores that labor costs are the driving factor in (most of?) higher ed costs…that, & state budget crises. in reply to dylanw #

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