Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

Another in a long line of superlative adjectives from CI. 🙂 Although, once again, it’s not far off. It makes huge, gorgeous, delicious chocolate chip cookies, reminiscent of something you’d get on a little plate at the coffeeshop.

Slightly more time-consuming that the back-of-the-bag recipe, what with melting/browning butter and resting the batter; on the other hand, I’ve always hated having to cream the butter & sugar with even just softened butter, let alone straight out of the fridge. (O my weak wrists.)

Yes, it does call for 3 tablespoons of batter per cookie; I found that two oversized tbsps was about right. They’re huge cookies, so just one cookie with a little glass of milk hits the spot nicely. As a corollary to that, they keep pretty well, too. After a few days they’re a little crumbly around the edges, but still quite good. (Conversely, they’re AMAZING warm. I have to pace myself so as not to eat the whole damn batch.)

I’ve made these twice now, and they’re quite consistent. A big thumbs up!

Recipe link: Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies (as always, apologies for the paywall. Contact me if you want the details.)