links for 2009-01-29

  • "When an Internet application doesn't work as expected, how can you tell whether the problem is caused by your broadband connection, the application or something else? It can be very difficult for professional network administrators, let alone average Internet users, to answer this sort of question today."
  • “He likes it warm. You could grow orchids in there.” re: Obama w/out suit jacket. Quirky little story about changes in the culture in the White House. Also: Dan Bartlett got 15-minute lecture from Bush about wearing khakis & button-down shirt in the Oval Office? Srsly? Reminds me of grandpa chewing me out for being late (I still swear I was on time) when I was in SEVENTH GRADE.
  • "Today, our priest gave a long sermon against FOCA [Freedom of Choice Act] and requested that we fill out post cards to our federal representatives stating our opposition. This is the most politicized mass I've ever attended, one that I hope the origin of was from earnest and well meaning ignorance, not cynical politicing." Bleh. Okay, yeah, now I remember: that's one of the 8917 reasons I left the church. (I had no idea Emmett was Catholic!)
  • "My neglect of the library costs me about $70 per year, and they want permission to tap me for $110. They want 50 cents of your money for every $1,000 the place you own or rent is worth." Dude whining about nobody needs the library. What a jerk. (There was more swearing initially.)

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  1. I have this weird thing about church. The other thing I was thinking during that mass about was the general non-Catholic reaction to the clergy sex abuse scandal, that us parishoners shouldn’t pay for the sins of our church leadership.

    I was thinking that the only way we’d learn, I mean really learn as a church, what really went wrong, was that if it hurt us. We could be sure the only reason it doesn’t happen again is if the layity and rank and file parishioners were engaged in holding priests accountable.

    That’s the main reason I still attend mass. =

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