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  • "We’re going to teach them programming. Riiiiiiiiiight. So what do we teach them, then?" Playing connect-the-dots: I think this is part of what might be meant by Shelley's idea of embedding technology into the liberal arts: teaching people who don't think of themselves as "computer people" how to conceptualize the issues of computer technology. Self-efficacy, technological contexts, gateway tricks. Good stuff, and I think this is what us self-taught jacks-of-all-trades end up internalizing. Nice to see it turned into a curriculum.
  • "Elaine is 50% addicted." — my film watching history has some weird gaps in it, I know. (also, a few of these I'm not sure about — both the yeses and the nos — and a few I've seen so many times I could probably count them more than once.)
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