It’s Wednesday morning, and I’m sitting in The Hideout (on Congress) snacking on lunch, and (inadvertently) hanging out with other sxsw people. feeling spacey, but in a mellow way, after 4-5 hours sleep. took the bike back this morning, after a big loop to the post office & whole foods. getting from whole foods to the bike shop was a PITA, even tho they are on the same road!

Last night was the one and only time I really “partied,” and almost to my surprise, I had a really really good time. I didn’t drink much, because I don’t ever drink much, but my throat is a little hoarse from all the shouting. One long crazy conversation about politics and sex (sort of), and then lots of little random conversations, meeting people at oddly the last moment. (Chris Wilson’s hair, btw, reminds me a lot of Raul’s, but with more gel or something.)

Ran into Denise who used to live in Seattle, and who now lives in Miami, and that was fun as always. She introduced me to Tiffany Brown, who does some hella-smart blogging.

walked with Andrea (& jon hicks & craig cook) back to her hotel, where I’d parked my bike, and said goodbye, and that was totally bittersweet, as was cruising the dark streets of austin, crossing the river at night for the last time.

Oh, and I had some entirely excellent bbq last night, too.

This morning as part of my packing I made notes on all the business cards I got, so I can remember who the hell those people were and anything specific I was going to follow up on.

I still need to reread all my notes. Somehow I have to summarize, pull out the best nuggets, and figure out what the hell I’m going to do with all this weird nerdy energy. Also, I need to finish posting photos: lots from Fray Cafe that need review, plus some from the last couple of days. (Oh, I think I’ve fixed my camera better than new by smacking it while the lens was open. How very.)

Don’t know yet if I’m going to sleep or read on the plane. It seems vaguely unreal that I will be sleeping in my own bed tonight and going to work (!!!!) tomorrow.