stories, games & your brand

coming in 15 mins late (obviously)

know your audience. crazy problem with court tv video thing, system being gamed.

“the biggest trainwrecks haven’t even happened yet.”

what is AIG? “wide enough breadth so people can get enough out of it”

understand what you mean when you say “hardcore” vs “casual”

at penguin see how writers can tell stories in different ways, see if there’s an audience for that. examine the future of the story (while selling books). comes from an “innovation budget” (whereas most of these projects come from marketing budgets)

weird metric for a campaign: number of people who got married to someone they met thru a game (?)

oh, ARG, not AIG. still don’t know what that means. (alternate reality game)

still relevant to the core of the brand, how does this connect?

with playful behavior, you can see the learning in action, map activity to a URL, measure from there.

some thing in britain treasure hunting in the 70s, took 2 months (2 years?), nowadays would take more like maybe 2 weeks, maybe less.

office max elves. a long-term thing: 1st year did 20 different things, then brought back just the elves in year 2. (altho the marketing had nothing to do with office max)

so many of these campaigns (ARG) just run and then get shut down, even after a community got created.

badly branded, nothing to do with the brand “adver-games”

power of stories & games.

okay, so does any of this connect with anything for me?

ugh. post-lunch wipeout.

“what’s our Second Life strategy?” and that’s not necessary a useful way to think.

brand not just about the thing it makes, play well by using those associations.

ah, the mention of middle-aged women playing “casual” games.

“what happens when they figure it all out?”

okay, bailing again. getting caffeine b4 next panel.