emotional design

again, I’m not entirely sure that this is the best fit for me; if it’s not rocking by 10 minutes in, I’ll probably bail to the “how (not) to piss off bloggers” panel. (man, this one is packed!) also, I don’t think I can meebo & blog at the same time. will probably pick blogging, because I need these notes for myself for later.

attachment to the products that you use. “aichaku” products that make you happy. (very pretty slides!) when it’s done right, we’re not consiously aware.

first impressions. (what does the branch look like? what does the home page look like? what does the entry page for online banking look like? what do you get with the account opening letter/email?) do that (good impression) through communication. no opportunity to go to counseling with products. 🙂 most important in unexpected situations.

he (who he?) is doing analogy between product relationships & intimate relationships: trust, commitment. (some weird semi-sexist relationship stuff.) hey, I think the prius looks cool! forgiveness. “how many times has your best friend pissed you off?” (hmmm, that feels particularly apropos after spending time with H.A.) “you’re not going to get everything right all the time” and they forgive you. difference between forgiveness & allowing stupidity. respect. “the sum of all of these parts” “a product that can correct our mistakes as they happen gains our trust” – maeda. (was that in the simplicty book that I read? I can’t remember.) in human relations: watching out for the other person “got my back” (aha!)

on the flip side: not being appreciated, being used, ignored. sad broken icon. (wow the star wars music from the next room is super-loud.) wow, with examples: real, riaa, atm (!), phone, photoshop, “press 1 for sales”, windows.


conflict. “with most of my technology.” we don’t try to make bad products, but we are fallible. escalation. (C’s electrical field, among other things.) tumble into the insolvable. who’s in control? where does the blame go? tone of voice of error messages. (yes!) stubborn – learning from mistakes, not being flexible. deception. ugh.

goal is to make us think about the similarity between relationship of our product (etc) & user and relationships we know among people. (whoa. dimly lit bar analogy re: deception. ew.)

jealousy. in terms of software? closed document formats.

the HAL eyeball. the ultimate negative relationship with a computer. (or something)

hope, redemption. until the robot uprising (!) we are in control of the products we create.

examples: prius redefining how cars communicate; netflix returning control of movie-watching & redeeming the postal industry; flexcar & car ownership (oh, sigh. I wish we had that in Oly); method cleaning w/out harsh chemicals AND being mainstream, well-designed; tivo, more with the control.

the golden rule. create a product that you would want to use. yes!!!!! (this is my issue with a couple of tools I’m supposed to be promoting, supporting & evangelizing. and I don’t like them.)

experience of flow. mmmmm. storytelling, imagine the journey. memory recall. the photo that reminds you of something. tastes, smells. perfumes that remind of people you know. (there’s this conditioner, I think, that…yeah.) primal. (not their word, but that’s what it seems like to me)

oh, hey, that’s luke 2 rows up and in the middle.

should there be a connection between the website & the branch? a visual one, and not just a photo of the exterior of a building.

symbolic meaning. enhancing your sense of self. why do people join the credit union?

gddm iphones. but yeah.

tactile experience. usually products & industrial design. like the stuff billie jean does going out into the branches, picking materials.

I think I’ve gotten enough for my brain to be full, and I’m cold, and I need to get lunch/go to the bathroom. So, off to find the MeFi meetup.