day…what day is it?

Today was the day when my head exploded. In a good way. Too caffeinated to be articulate right now (double tall mocha yay!) but I have ideas, got to meet several people I knew of or knew by internet, ate too much lunch. The trade show had good surprises, enough to make up for missing a panel session. Suffered through 2 kinda sucky panels, went to 2 pretty damn good ones. Got lots of buttons. I don’t remember the tiny buttons being so big in 06. (heh) Honestly? I almost wish I had some TwinStar buttons, ’cause I think our logo is cool. (There. I said it.) Scoped out some books.

Taking a bit of downtime right this minute to ditch some stuff so I’m not horribly overburdened when I go out again. Need to get a bite for dinner, then definitely going to Fray Cafe. Maybe more writing later?