contextual web

Nick Finck (gotta see him talk somewhere, since I’m probably not going to webvisions) — “not going to talk about myself” right on! but his damn slides are too small a font. (tho this is a CAVERNOUS room)

the User

the Task

the Environment (his home office. hey, the Jerker!)

the Technology (he’s talking too fast)

long discussion about using the iphone, then fitts law. (fitts is mostly used for military stuff?!)

developing for the mobile context: everything stripped down. (here’s a question: is it possible to just run online banking as is on any sort of mobile? iphone, win mobile, etc. so could we do some sort of templating thing for mobile? hmmmm….)

what you don’t get in a survey? where are they? is there other electronic equipment nearby? the context. (sitting on the sofa vs sitting in the cubicle, even)

talking about readability of NYT, but only talking about use on iPhone. (grr. quick googling turns up that MS projects 20 million Win Mob units in 2008, where maybe half that many iPhones. but, how more frequently do iPhone peeps go online? because it’s part of the contract. I missed a bunch of what he was talking abt in that research/complaint.)

buttons are too small.

“contextual design” – “observing the user experience” – kewl. we’ve talked a lot at work about how “online banking” (which they used to refer to as “online home banking”) should really be called “work banking” because the traffic is SO much higher on work days, work hours. what would contextual research look like there? also, how much was my usability research skewed by running it only during normal work hours.

this one was thin on content, IMHO, and he talks too damn fast. but it gave me food for thought, which I guess is good for something.

oh, hey, question: why didn’t you talk about mobile banking? security? “you can’t make transactions through your mobile device” BULLSHIT. are there any industries leading? (who is this blond lady? is she an FI person?) he thinks airlines will lead.

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