sunny morning

Slept reasonably well. This morning is bright & sunny, which is a nice turn of events. Breakfast at the hotel was…meh. Hotel breakfast. Definitely need to get some real food to keep in the hotel.

I finally got around to adding a text message bundle to our phone plan, too, since it looks like Twitter is going to be fairly useful. I’m only having direct messages sent to my phone, because I don’t want to go over. I wish I had a data plan, too, but that’s absurdly expensive. Maybe I can coax my phone into talking to some of the public wifi around here. (It’s annoying. I can get my phone to connect to the wifi at home, but very rarely anywhere else. WTF is up with that?)

I’m getting going kinda slowly. My goal is to save up my energy so I can get into being sociable later w/out burning out. Because as y’all know, the social is not the easiest thing for me to muster up.