day 2

Kinda brain-dead tonight. Today was long and involved standing in line, smacking my camera into an escalator railing, riding my bike 4 miles and back to get to a camera store and then get back to the panel in time. I think it’s fixed, but it’s powering a little weird now. (Something it’s done before, tho.)

My shoulder hurts. This laptop bag is not really meant for bike riding. I wish there was a locker or something downtown so I didn’t have to lug that thing around to lunch and after panels.

On the plus side, I met up with Andrea & Glenda, ate some tasty food, and went to the Higher Ed meetup. Yeah, I know, kinda weird. But fun, and surprisingly inspiring. Pat Ramsey had some good info about running Windows on the Mac, and using Window Mobile. Plus he gave me the name of someone who’s been doing interesting things with WordPress, which should give me some comparisons for a project I’m considering.

Oh, plus I picked up the Townie (obviously) and the women’s 7-speed is hella fun to ride.

And I just got an email from my old friend H.A., who might be able to come down from the town where she lives now tomorrow. That would be super-cool.

For now, I’m definitely getting ready to get some sleep, so I can really get into tomorrow panel’s. Here’s to better blogging tomorrow.