sxsw day 1

Today was the airplane day. Only napped last night, got up before 4 am to get to the airport…which probably wasn’t entirely necessary. I got through the damn line pretty quickly and ended up at the gate like an hour early. ::sigh:: Napped, read a book; switched planes in Phoenix. (Where the wifi is free, BTW.) More of the same on flight #2.

And, wow, it’s cold in Austin today. Raining when I got here, windy too. I found myself wishing for both my gloves AND my earmuffs. Yipes. I have a bike reserved, but I talked to the rental guys and decided to pick it up tomorrow, since it doesn’t have fenders.

On the other hand, I got quite a bit of walking in. Not just to the bike shop, but also up across the river seeking a bite to eat. (Something Dylan said on Twitter sent me looking for Las Manitas, but it closed at 4.) I ended up at the same cafe where I spent a few evenings last time around. They’ve redone their counter, I think, but the couches all look the same. Tasty sandwich, ginormous salad of baby greens. Really, the only real food I’ve eaten all day.

I gather that some people are doing stuff tonight, but I don’t think I’m up for it. I’m watching Daily Show (yay!) and will probably hit the hay after Colbert. Either that, or go find the whirlpool spa in my hotel. Definitely want to get to get extra sleep so I can be fresh tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s fun includes picking up the bike and picking up my badge, plus the first couple of panels. But the panels don’t start until mid-afternoon, so I have time to get out & about.

Oh, one last thing: all of the trees are packed with birds, all singing. It’s the strangest thing. The noise of them fills the downtown, almost more than the sound of traffic.