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Archives for June 2004


been back to work three days, though one of them was telework (so no commute), and already I’m wiped out, not doing anything much more strenuous than typing & mousing. bleh. there’s *got* to be something I can do about this: more sleep (so hard when it’s just getting dark at 9:30 *and* we are […]


instead of spending time at my computer(s), I’ve been bicycling, arguing, and doing manual labor. more later, possibly with pictures. (oh, and the fine people at Qwest accidentally shut off our landline phone for 2 1/2 days, so even when I wanted to go online I couldn’t!)

I’m so lucky

sometimes I forget how lucky I am in my stable middle-class life…and frankly how much luck I’ve had in the weird twisty bits that got me here.

pluses and minuses

I like between-quarter breaks because it’s so quiet and peaceful. I hate them because the cafeteria and the coffee cart are closed, and there’s no food in walking distance except vending machines. (yeah, I forgot my lunch.)

high as a kite

so I got a bike 2 weeks ago, right? and two weeks ago, I wasn’t sure if I could even *ride*; that first night, we went down to the library, and I went through a series of little freakouts all the way down and up (as much as I enjoyed it at the same time). […]

dealing with my life

today Mark Pilgrim posted his thoughts about the clean sweep quiz. I tried it myself…. 23-25. (varied depending on a couple of marginal items.) gah. my house is a mess; my relationships are few and conflicted; I’m not taking care of my physical health terribly well, and my finances are wildly disorganized. on a happy […]

if you sent me email…

my mail.com account had some sort of crazy outage — I’ve only been able to get at it one try out of 10 the last week or so, and this morning I had this lovely message in my inbox: Valuable User, We apologize for the problems you have been experiencing while attempting to access your […]


I’m dance-y happy…. yesterday, C was at the bike shop around the corner from our house and spotted a bike he thought I might like. I’ll back that up for a second by admitting that I’ve never learned how to ride a bike. the year after I got my first bike was the year Dad […]

ouroboros update

not too much to report; it’s been a few days since I’ve done any coding, but I’ve been using the thing in the meantime and I’m happy with my work so far. 🙂 seriously, I find it’s more seamless with my preferred process and mental model. that, and I’m actually using more of the existing […]

a source of calm

my computer came back yesterday, and today I started in on the task of finishing installing software and setting up my files, preferences, etc., etc. the tech guys left it with the default color scheme, which I may tweak a little, but not that much, because today I had the happy coincidence of running into […]