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Archives for May 2004

a little pride, a little confusion

day 2 of the SuSE experiment…. I discovered last night that Kate has good code highlighting, and I like the font smoothing and toolbars better than those in jEdit, which I had to start from the console anyway. I’m splitting my browsing between Firefox, which works more like I’m used to both in terms of […]

it’s been done, and by someone better than y’all

I’m not going to comment on this whole Purple Numbers (Pink Hearts?!) thing, except to say that Joe Clark added ids to every damn element of the HTML version of his book…last summer. (at the time, “unique on the Web”!) I thought it was pretty cool, and have even once sent a link to someone […]

more fun with linux

I did some cleanup of my own hard drive yesterday, backed up everything important, and installed SuSE. and you know what? I think I like it. I still don’t really understand how to install software properly, but despite that I’ve gotten jEdit and Firefox running already. (didn’t care much for Konqueror as a browser; I […]

hey, it’s linux!

C installed SuSE, which we got with a copy of Linux User & Developer we picked up at Fred Meyer (!), on his computer today…now I’m playing around with it; gravitating towards the browser, naturally. (it comes with Konqueror; I’d like to try installing Mozilla.) I’m actually pretty impressed with the look and feel…not as […]

ouroboros roadmap, but first a roadmap for my kitchen

I think I’ve figured out what I want to do with the project that is rapidly turning into an actual fork of feed on feeds. this version is mostly going to focus on recreating the things that FOF already does, but more stylishly (I hope), plus adding some settings stuff to build for the future. […]

ouroboros progress

the “panel” has I think all of the features it used to have (except view feeds: new/today/all), and a pretty design besides. I can check boxes next to each feed and click to update, clear (“mark read”) or delete that feed. fixed, I think, the bug in the OPML with case sensitivity problems (OPML documentation […]

code-name ouroboros

I think I’m writing a fork of feed on feeds. I started playing around, broke a bunch of stuff (see “hacktastic” and “steps in technology”), and then realized that what I really want to do is rewrite it in my personal coding style, which may not be standard, but which works for me. I’m also […]

steps in technology

I decided to switch my email lists over to my gmail account, which is a big step for me towards giving up the email address I’ve had for the last 3-4 years. my hard drive at work died, and I’m thinking now is a good time to get some backup procedures in place for my […]


my hd at work died, and I’ve been floating since midday yesterday — working on my assistant’s computer, except when he’s here, and on a coworker’s mac….that only has IE 5 for Mac and Netscape 4. breaks my heart.


I’ve had a good few days of hacking…this weekend I started playing around with the display of feed on feeds, just because the default display irritates me. I’m nowhere near done yet, partially because I can’t decide how I want it to work, partially because I’m a little nervous about delving too deeply. one of […]